Back to School.

Ayson and Collin were both excited to start school again.  We”ll see how many more years that lasts!  They were both up bright and early and ready to go.  They’ve been in school now for a few weeks and they both like their teachers and classes.  Of course, Collin complains that it’s too easy for him, and I just keep telling him it will get harder next year!  Ayson has tons of friends in his class and is back into his reading.  After Collin saw these pictures, he asked me why I had Ayson put his arm around him.  Apparently that’s not very cool.


I had to snap a few pictures of Graham on his first day of preschool too!  I am doing a preschool with a few friends in the neighborhood and we’re taking turns each week.  There are 5 little boys, it should be fun!  He has become quite the little social light and loves to play with his friends in the neighborhood.  He reminds me a lot of Ayson at that age.  He still loves to sniff his blankie too, and I let him:).




Summertime Part 3!

We had a family home evening one night with Anthony’s family around a campfire in Rexburg.  Merrilee had lots of fun activities for the kids, campfire songs, and we had spiritual thought.  It was good family time!

We went to Bear Lake for the day with my family.  The boys loved riding on the tube and the jet skiis!

The boys took swimming lessons the last two weeks of summer.  Graham cried the first time and didn’t want to go (none of them did), but they ended up loving it!


Summertime Part 2!

Fourth of July—we went to the Rexburg Parade and then out to Menan for some festivities in the afternoon.  We got together with the whole Murdoch clan down at the river for the firework show.The kids had a blast with cousins, and it was quite a huge group of cousins to get together for a picture!

While our cousins were staying with us for the month of July, we drove over to Burley to a mand-made water park called Harris Pond.  It had a zipline over the water, paddle boats and canoes, rope swings, and slides.  The kids had so much fun!


Summertime Part 1!

Baseball, Baseball, Baseball, for the month of June!  Anthony helped coach Ayson and Collin’s team.  Ayson had a few grand slams and Collin really improved his hitting.  They placed second in tournament and did awesome!


The boys had fun playing in the sand and water at Rigby Lake with cousins on a hot day.



Our vacation to Maui was really great.  We went with Anthony’s sister, Mandy and her husband, Nate.  The island of Maui is so beautiful and there are so many things to do.  We had a good combination of adventure and relaxation.  We golfed, shopped, swam in the ocean, went to a Luao, went on a helicopter ride, kayaked in the ocean and saw a giant sea turtle, snorkeled, and had the most amazing food almost every meal!  Anthony and I were gone a total of two weeks, since we also spent a week in Las Vegas.  It was a long time to be away from the kids and we missed them, but it was a great break for us and they got some good “Grandma Time!”  Anthony didn’t even take his laptop over to Hawaii so it really was a vacation…he even read a book!




Collin lost his first tooth!

Collin lost his first tooth the first week in January!  We didn’t even know it was that loose.  He was at school and it came out while he was eating lunch…he couldn’t find it, so he thinks he swallowed it!

He insisted on writing a special note to the tooth fairy explaining what had happened.  He asked her “if she would still accept” even though he didn’t have the tooth to leave under his pillow. She did, because she came!

Collin also made this special sign and wanted me to take some pictures of him with it.



Our Little Sunbeam!

The first Sunday of this month was Graham’s first day of going to primary at Church!  We can’t believe he is old enough to be a Sunbeam!  He was scared going into a new class, but he stayed and ended up loving it.  He is such a big boy….goodbye nursery!



Cabin Fun!

We had a lot of fun up in Island Park at the cabin over Christmas break.  The kids played video games, watched movies, and played in the snow. We spent New Years up there. The boys had so much fun with all of their cousins and all 16 grandkids were up there at one point.  It was crazy, but fun! 

Home, Sweet Home and Happy Holidays!

Yes, we are FINALLY in our new home.  We have been moved in for three weeks now and are so glad to NOT be driving the kids up to school every day from Blackfoot!  They walk home from school every day and it’s so nice.  We are loving it here and the kids are adjusting well…they are close to their friends and school!  Graham is being a big boy and sleeping well in his “big boy” bed. We are still trying to get settled and organized, it will take a while.  

Meanwhile, we have been enjoying the Holiday season…our Christmas tree turned out so cute, we picked the tallest, skinniest tree we could find!  Collin wasn’t so sure, he wanted a full tree with lots of branches.  I told him next year he could pick a fuller tree!  We have been busy with basketball, homework, Christmas parties, writing letters to Santa, wrapping presents, baking treats, etc…tis the season!!!  

Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season as well!